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ACA Roofing Company in Streamwood Offers Professional
Commercial and Residential Roof Installation and Replacement

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ACA Roofing Company has experienced residential and commercial roofing contractors in Streamwood to provide the highest quality roof installation and replacement service in the region

We are at the top tier of roofers in the area as we are proud to bring our customers the best roofing solutions possible. All of our roofing contractors in Streamwood have many years of experience with all types of quality roofing options. Since we began our services in the community, ACA Roofing Company has become a leading provider of a wide range of roofing solutions. No matter what type of roof you have, our roofing contractors in Streamwood can work with you. Contact ACA Roofing Company today for your free, no-obligation quote!


Your Accredited Roofing Company in Streamwood is ACA Roofing Company

For years we have received so many amazing reviews from happy customers. That tells the story and makes ACA Roofing Company stand out from the rest.

When you’re thinking of residential or commercial roofing companies in Streamwood think of ACA Roofing Company. Our contractors are the leaders in the field for workmanship, quality, and customer service. Simply check out our great reviews on Angie’s List to see for yourself.

We work with the greatest roofing contractors in Streamwood. They are reliable, experienced and always ready to do a top-notch job. We are here to help our customers in any way necessary with a friendly, approachable, and caring attitude.

Our dedication to providing the highest level of service standards goes right along with our superior level of expertise for roof installation and roof repairs. And after years of providing the community with such a high level of service, ACA Roofing Company has become the trusted choice for roofing in Streamwood. We have achieved such a great reputation through our dedication to customers with a friendly, fast, and professional work ethic.

Plus, we offer our incredible roofing services at very competitive rates. Because we understand that getting a new roof can be a burden, we want you to be as comfortable as possible without worry about service quality or pricing. We will provide you with an honest, no-obligation quote that will inform you of precise timelines, project details, and fair pricing. We offer complete transparency throughout the entire process.

Check out our great reviews and give us a call today for a free estimate
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Options for Roofing in Streamwood

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EPDM roof

EPDM is a rubber roof that is a very energy efficient roofing material. It reflects heat and provides great insulation while being a very popular roofing option, especially among commercial buildings.

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Flat roof

Flat roofing is often found on commercial buildings but it has a place in residential properties as well. With this type of roof, the priority is to ensure proper water drainage.

Metal roofing ACA roofing companies chicago

Metal roof

Metal roofing is known for its longevity and durability. It is very low maintenance and is very easy to install. ACA Roofing Company in Streamwood has expert roofers ready to install your metal roof.

Wood shake roofing by roofing companies chicago

Wood shake

This roofing option is made from split wood logs. Wood shakes offer a warm country charm, natural appeal, durability, and it is quite an affordable option for your roofing budget.

Shingles by ACA Roofing Companies Chicago

Shingle roof

The most popular of all roofing materials, especially among homeowners, are standard shingles. ACA Roofing Company in Streamwood has a huge amount of experience installing shingle roofing.

slate roof by chicago roofing contractors

Slate roof

A natural stone, slate roofing is strong, beautiful, and lasts a long time. Slate comes in several different colors and styles. ACA Roofing Company experts can help you choose just the right slate roofing for your home.

ACA Roofing Company in Streamwood Offers a Nice Range of Professional Services


Roof Installation

Our expert roofing contractors in Streamwood offers very affordable roof installation of the highest quality that is perfect for both commercial and residential uses. Our work will keep your building safe, dry, and structurally sound.


Roof Replacement

Since nothing lasts forever, every property owner will need a roof replacement sometime. Our professional roofers in Streamwood can do it easily and affordable for you.



You can save money on a new roof. ACA Roofing Company offers a re-roofing solution. This is simply installing a new roof over the existing roof. We can help you determine if this is the right option for your property.


Commercial Roofing Projects

For many business owners, commercial roofing can be an added stress. At ACA Roofing Company in Streamwood, we take care of everything, providing high-quality commercial roofing in different styles so you don’t have to worry. Our experienced roofing contractors can provide installation, re-roofing, roof replacement, repairs, maintenance, and waterproofing services for your convenience. We have a huge range of experience to handle all types of roofing options with the most up to date roofing materials like EPDM and TPO, as well as metal and shingles.


Residential Roofing Projects

ACA Roofing Company has been the greatest option for residential roofing in Streamwood since 1994. We can give you a new roof with the same level of expertise we’ve provided over our many years. But our experience is just the beginning. There is much more that sets us apart from other roofing companies in Streamwood. When you choose us, we offer peace of mind. Our entire professional team takes great care of your roof from start to finish for a roof you can count on. We provide outstanding roof installation and replacement using the most up to date materials. From shingles to slate to wood shakes and metal, we can handle it all.

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The Lowest Rates and Best Service Among Local Roofing Companies in Streamwood

If you’re looking for roofing companies in Streamwood, IL, look no further. The experts at ACA have been providing the highest level of quality and service to homeowners throughout the Chicago area for years. Our roofing contractors in Streamwood have experience with every single type of roofing in Streamwood, including both commercial and residential projects. If you’re looking for modern styles like rubber or metal, our roofers in Streamwood, IL can handle it. For a more vintage look, check out our huge selection of premium shingles and shake roofing. No matter what you’re looking for, we have the knowledge to make it happen.

ACA Roofing Company in Streamwood Is Your One-Stop Destination

While some roofing companies in Streamwood, IL only offer certain services, ACA can do it all. Our roofing contractors in Streamwood are specialists with a broad range of skills and experience. If you’re looking for a brand new roof, choose our roofers in Streamwood, IL for a high-quality, hassle-free roofing installation. Our roofing contractors in Streamwood, IL will handle the entire project from start to finish, leaving your home looking incredible. We can also handle all kinds of repairs, including standard maintenance and re-roofing projects. Keep your home looking its absolute best at all times with ACA Roofing.

The Best Roofing Contractors in Streamwood Don’t Have to Break the Bank

Each member of our team is handpicked for excellence and experience. Our roofing contractors in Streamwood have years of experience working with all kinds of roofing, from residential to commercial, rubber to metal. When you choose our roofers in Streamwood, you’re choosing the most professional, friendly, and helpful team around to provide you with an incredible experience from start to finish. While other roofing companies in Streamwood might charge you an arm and a leg for such premium services, our goal is always to provide the ultimate quality of work at the lowest possible prices.

Give us a call at +1 847-871-9871 for your free estimate on any roofing in Streamwood, IL!