How to determine what your roof needs: roof repair or roof replacement?

How to determine what your roof needs: roof repair or roof replacement?

Our roofing contractors in Chicago know ways to tell if you should repair or replace your roof

No matter how well you care for your roof, it will eventually need replacing. The key to replacement is timing. Do it too soon and you’ll waste money, but wait too long and you’ll suffer severe damage. If your roofing is holding up pretty well, some smaller repairs are probably good enough.

Be Alert To Early Signs of a Leaking Roof

By having roofing contractors in Chicago check your roofing on a yearly basis, you can catch problems before they snowball. Things that a roofing company in Chicago will check for include dark areas, peeling paint, damp spots, and water stains. You can also check from the outside by looking for cracks, rusting, or damaged shingles.

When Repairs Make Sense

For small issues like leaks, most roofing contractors in Chicago would recommend repairs. Repairs can range from $10-$1000, which is a fraction of the cost of replacement. In unforeseen circumstances, like storms, homeowner’s insurance should cover the cost of repairs, as well.

The Cost of Re-Roofing

Most roofing companies in Chicago charge approximately $3/sq. ft. to strip old roofing and replace it. Some roofing contractors in Chicago offer a cheaper alternative by leaving an existing layer beneath the new one, but this a poor choice. This leads to an unattractive and less protective roof than completely replacing it.

Hidden Costs

When receiving an estimate from a roofing contractor in Chicago, be sure to fully understand the terms. Ask about things like disposal costs, structural repair costs, and gutter costs. A lot of companies might not include this in the original estimate, so it’s much safer to ask and be sure what you’re getting into.

Making the Most of Your New Roof

It can be hard to justify re-roofing your home, but there are more benefits than you might realize. You can make several eco-friendly choices which may qualify you for a federal tax credit. You can also choose roofing which is weather-resistant, which can qualify you for discounts on insurance. Be sure to ask your roofing contractors in Chicago about these options!