Roof Replacement Cost

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If you’re looking into a roof replacement, one of your first thoughts is surely, “How much is this going to cost me?” It’s an important question and the answer can vary substantially based upon a number of variables. Before you even get into the details of a new project with your contractor, take some time to learn appropriate costs for roof replacement in your area.

Main Factors Affecting Roof Replacement Cost:

  • Square Footage – The surface area of your roof is going to be one of the most important determining factors when estimating the cost of your roof replacement.
  • Roofing Material – Every roofing material carries its own individual price. Generally speaking, something like asphalt composition shingles are going to be the least expensive, while premium options include slate, metal, and wood shake.
  • Difficulty – While this is a more subjective element of your roof replacement, the challenges faced by a roofer will factor substantially into your cost. For instance, is your roof heavily slanted or sloped? If so, roofers will be unable to store materials up there during the job and will be putting themselves at much greater risk than on a flat surface. Same goes for roof access. If your roof is difficult to get to, it’s going to take more time and be more labor-intensive, as well.
  • Permits and Compliance – Depending on the contractor you work with, the cost of acquiring a building permit and meeting city ordinances may or may not be included. Be sure to find out so that you can add this cost in while making sure your new roof is built within the legal confines of your neighborhood.

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Getting the Best Deal

Get picky when it comes to choosing your contractor

Never settle for the first contractor you run across. In any given city, you’re going to find a bunch of different options, so be sure to do your research. A good way to start is by getting an estimate and meeting the contractors who would be working on your home. Ask them any questions you may have and try to get a feel for their personality and construction style. If you can, get some references and ask to see some previous work. By comparing and contrasting, you’ll find the best price and get the best quality for your roof replacement.

Know the average cost of roof replacement

While the cost of replacing a roof can vary substantially between contractors, there is a range which is considered generally acceptable. For instance, a relatively inexpensive material like shingle roofing should cost somewhere between $5,000-$25,000. A top-shelf material like slate or metal roofing might run over $100,000. Look around and determine what seems to be a good median price range for the material you’re looking at and the size of your roof.

Take advantage of free estimates

Most reputable roofing contractors are more than happy to offer you a free consultation and estimate. Make sure you take advantage of these offers as it is the single best way to start budgeting and get a feel for the contractors in your area. During this process, make sure they’re including all the various elements, from materials to paperwork, so you can get a clear and accurate idea of the price you’re looking at. Knowledge is power!

For the best guess of what your new roof cost will be,contact your local roofing contractors. Most roofing contractors will offer free quotes, giving you a ballpark of how much the finished service will cost. The final cost will include the price of materials, permits, and labor.