Spring Checklist for Your Shingle Roof

Spring Checklist for Your Shingle Roof

Spring is the perfect time to tackle the following routine roofing cleaning and maintenance tasks to keep your roof in top condition

After the storms of winter begin to fade, it’s time to take a look at your roofing. The winter months are notoriously difficult for any home and can wreak havoc on your roofing. So, before you settle into your summer routine, check out what’s going on with your roof. It’s a great time to call roofing contractors in Chicago for repairs and minor maintenance to get your roofing in fit condition for the rest of the year.

Repair Any Missing or Loose Shingles

Spring is a much lighter season than winter, but you still might be visited by occasional showers. If your roof is missing shingles, even a mild rain can cause leaks or worsen any existing damage. A professional roofing company in Chicago can quickly diagnose any loose, damaged or missing shingles and prevent this damage from getting worse.

Clean Rain Gutters and Downspouts

As any roofing contractor in Chicago will tell you, the gutters and roofing are two separate but interconnected systems. During the winter months, your gutters may have gotten clogged up with all manner of debris like dirt and ice. Clogged gutters mean that water will less effectively run off your roof, which can create a whole host of problems.

Look for Evidence of Water Intrusion

Even the most minor leaks can cause huge damage to your home, including decay, ruined insulation, and structural damage. Water will also create a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can render your home unlivable. Roofing contractors in Chicago recommend examining ceilings and exterior walls for water stains and checking for light shining through your roof.

Get A Professional Checkup

If in doubt, contact professional roofing companies in Chicago. While there’s a lot of things you can look for yourself, some of the more insidious forms of damage require the trained eye of roofing contractors in Chicago. Because roofing damage can snowball so quickly, it really pays to have an inspection done properly, so be sure to use the services of a local roofing company in Chicago.