Which Roofing Should I Choose?

Types of Residential Roofing Chicago

The life expectancy of the average roof is approximately 20 years. When it is time for a roof replacement, there are some things to consider that can shorten or considerably lengthen that time.

We can clear up some confusion about what to do when it comes to residential roofing in Chicago and what type of roofing you should consider. Some key factors to keep in mind when selecting roofing are durability, weight, style, and budget.


The asphalt shingle is the most common type of roofing material since it is the most affordable.

This roofing material is easy for roofing contractors to replace. For convenience, price, and familiarity with a common product, asphalt shingles are a fine choice that will last for approximately 20 years.


A tile roof looks great with a Mediterranean appeal. It also lasts a long time, even as long as a century. For installation, residential roofing companies should offer contractors that are experienced in handling tiles.



Wood roofing, also known as shakes, is made from split logs. It gives a home a certain charm and style that can last for up to 40 years. They require maintenance to help them last as long as possible. A wood preservative can be applied about every five years, making it more resistant to rotting and mold.

Keeping the roof clear of any debris will also help to maintain its appearance and fight moisture.


A very durable and efficient type of residential roofing is metal. It’s designed to withstand any kind of weather, so it’s made to last for decades. It does very well to maintain the home’s heating and cooling and it is less prone to leaks than conventional roofing materials.

While a metal roof may cost more than some other roofing types, it will last much longer, so having to replace it again is unlikely. That can save money in the future. The immediate benefits would be that it requires very little maintenance and it has great curb appeal.


Slate is not commonly seen on rooftops because it can be quite expensive. It has a very distinct look though, and it can last for up to 200 years.

No matter which type of residential roofing you choose, make sure you stay within your budget and think about the long-term advantages that will suit you best.