Pros & cons of metal roofing

metal roofing

What makes metal roofing such a cool choice?

Internet abound in praises for metal roof covering but sometimes it feels like people were discussing completely different products. Let’s try to systematize knowledge available on metal roofing drawbacks and benefits and deal with some popular misconceptions. Metal is one of the most long-lasting coverings with average lifespan of over 50 years. That feature is acknowledged in form of limited life warranties that can be given even for 35 years.
Another benefit of metal is its resistance to extreme weather conditions (such hail and storm), fire, pests and rot. With modern day materials and coatings, which can be reapplied every once and again, you don’t even have to worry about rust. As far as coatings are involved, it’s possible to take even further inherent metal qualities such as resistance but also reflectivity and emissivity. Modifying of the last two results in either so called warm or cool roofs, installed accordingly to the climate and homeowner needs.

Install Metal roof and save money in the long run

except for improved house’s thermal comfort, choice of cool or warm roof has other positive consequences such as lower energy bills (even up to 25%) and government tax credit (in case of cool roof purchased from accredited dealer). While we are at savings, it’s worth mentioning that metal roof installation increases resale value of your house and decreases home insurance rates. Unfortunately, metal roofing isn’t all about advantages, Initial cost being one its biggest drawbacks.
Of course, with the highest return on investment among all of the covering materials, installation is well worth the money spent. There is one caveat to that. As far as metal roof installation is concerned, you’ll have to find Chicago roofing contractors well versed in dealing with that kind of products. Metal roofing is also considered noisy but it can be mitigated by proper insulation. Overall, metal has more pros than cons and makes great, low maintenance roofing option.