Different types of roof windows

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Roof windows at your home

Roof is the crown of the house and there is no denying that. But no crown is  complete without jewels – and I am thinking about roof windows. They are called skylights and are a great addition to your roof, especially if you have a converted loft. What is great, there is a range of different roof windows, depending on the way they open. So, most commonly installed is centre pivot – its axis of rotation is situated in the centre of the window.

A variation of it is called high pivot and axis is slightly moved upwards. But there are other options, like top hung (which give you a panoramic view as they open all the way up) or side hung (they open to the side like a typical window). More fancy solution is balcony window – bottom sash creates a balcony and the upper sash opens upwards. It looks different and innovative! Finally, a conservation widow – they look very classy and sleek. It has a glazing bar running down the middle, which makes it look as if there are two glazing units instead of one.

Benefits of skylights in your house

Skylights have a lot of advantages. They cut down the need for electric lightning naturally, as more daylight is let inside. It leads to lower energy bills, because it lessens the dependency on artifical lightning. Roof windows let in natural daylight, which increases visual appeal of the interiors. The best lightning is natural lighting, that’s a fact. Daylight provides better aesthetics and better colors of your interiors. Not to mention, that it’s mood enhancer and improves working performance! It is scientifically proven, that natural lightning plays a huge role in better results of work. Also daylight is better for your eyes and stimulates the production of vitamin D.  Finally, skylights simply look great, from outside but also from the perspective of your room.